Time accuracy and durability of the replica watches

The movement is equivalent to the heart of the watch, which determines the accuracy and durability of the watch. Many people believe that the main reason why those big-brand Replica rolex watches that use their own movements are expensive is mainly because the movements are expensive. But is the movement really the main reason for determining the value of a watch?

The same CAL.3135 movement is used. It is obvious that the 18K gold material is more complicated than the all-steel shell, and the material is more expensive. But why has the all-steel shell actually become more expensive? Is it because the paint on the green disc surface has become expensive?

I told him that in fact, the price difference between replica watches of different styles or different brands that use the same movement is tens of thousands in the field of replica watches. But Rolex all-steel models are more expensive than real gold models, which is not representative, because this is caused by market hype. Reasonable people usually choose real gold without hesitation.

From the perspective of ordinary consumers, just adding a bit of gold to the expensive price is enough to buy the same type of steel with 1-2 pieces. Is it because your gold is more expensive than others? If you compare the styles with diamonds on the outer ring, you will find that the price difference is even greater. In terms of consumer logic, if Omega, Rolex Yacht and Rolex Submariner all use the same ETA movement, the price of their case material is not very expensive, so their prices should not be too far apart It is reasonable.

In fact, if replica watches of different brands use the same movement, their costs are indeed similar in terms of cost. When different brands of watches use the same movement, the price difference is mainly caused by the added value of the brand. At present, there is no difference between replica watches and other luxury goods in general. The pricing of luxury goods is never based on cost. The concept of luxury goods is to reflect the dignity of users and highlight the style of the brand. Therefore, different brands or replica watches of the same brand.